Arm Balances

Yoga Arm Balances (Advanced) – Endurance Conditioning

Working on endurance holds of some arm balances including baby crow, chinstand, and grasshopper/dragonfly.

Filmed in Godmanchester in June 2018.


18 Ways to Crow!

Towards the end of 2017 it occurred to me just how many variations there were on crow pose; the most foundational arm balance in yoga. I took it upon myself to put together a collection of photos to create a series….starting from the beginners variants through to more advanced and eclectic hybrids! The full collection I initially gathered is listed below:

Beginner/Frog Crow
Kakasana (Crow)
Bakasana (Crane)
Baby Crow
Side Crow
Uneven Crow
Low Crow
Wide-Arm Crow
Narrow-Arm Crow
Hands-Out Crow
Reverse Hands Crow
Half-Lotus Crow
Peacock Crow
Funky Flying Crow
Flying Crow

Check out my Instagram @lauradestefyoga and the hashtag #CrowPoseSeries2018 for the breakdown of variants and how to do them.

Extra ones will be added in at a later date as more have come to light, meaning there are a minimum of 20 ways to crow!!

Compiled in January 2018 and released in Feb-March 2018.

Crow Endurance Holds

Personal challenge based on developing endurance holds on my crow. To date the longest has been 41 seconds.

Peacock Pose (Arm Lever) on Parallettes

15 second hold on the double arm lever, with straddled legs, on the parallettes.