Standing Asana

YOGA – Real Time – Standing Poses

Included in this (challenging and wobbly) standing balance (in the wind) ‘flow’ were:

Tree (basic, standard, and two advanced options)
Hand to Big Toe
Knee to Chest
Bird of Paradise
Standing pigeon
Dancer’s & King Dancer’s

Finish up with forward fold and ragdoll. I confess to practicing standing postures least often in my day to day flows, so I’ve been making a conscious effort to include more foot- and balance-based segments in my free-flow time. Standing balance poses are in my experience the optimal poses to help ‘control’ the obsessive, catastrophic and self-destructive behaviours that contribute to particular mental health difficulties. As you learn to focus your brain on balancing, and on meditating, you realise that the skill is transferable. By practicing brain focus in yoga, you strengthen your ability to focus the brain in day to day life and in demanding situations.

Filmed in Godmanchester, in July 2018.

Warrior Flow

Working various warrior poses into a short home flow. Includes Warrior II, Warrior III and Reverse Warrior.