Welcome to the home of Laura De Stefano

Global leader in guinea pig care, medical care and welfare
Proprietor of
“Tiny Paws Pet Services”
Author of “To Those I Love” and “Charlie’s Memoirs
Hobby photographer

Mental health advocate and writer
Media volunteer
Yoga practitioner and flexibility enthusiast


This website is the central hub of my adventures in life. My most comprehensive selection of yoga videos and tutorials are shared here, along with my yoga story and chronic illness work.

I have in my time run around a dozen websites – most admittedly were for guinea pig health and care in my late teens and early twenties. I was also highly active on some major forums back in those days and was held in high regard for my sensible and grounded advice and medical knowledge, including Guinea Pig Cages (when it was still known as Cavy Cages!), TKCC, Guinea Pig World, and The Guinea Pig Forum. The most notable sites I ran and owned myself were The Piggy Boards, a forum, and the educational and advice line Guinea Pig Helpline, which was followed by my work on Guinea Pig Magazine, which extended far beyond website and social media management! I currently have 2 guinea pigs of my own, but have owned 31 in the past 15 years. The most I have kept at any one time was 17!

Away from the world of guinea pigs, a significant part of my past is the fact that for 4 years I wrote a blog centred on my mental health, called Believe. My blog on this website will certainly be seen as a continuation to that, but I do intend to include a few more varied topics rather than sticking exclusively to mental health literature.

My photography is an important part of who I am, as both wielding a camera and writing are where my strongest creative juices come to the fore. My subjects are very varied and includes everything from abstract to animals, landscapes to seasonal, floral to food. I am very much an enthusiastic amateur, but hope to exhibit my work more extensively when I feel I have improved sufficiently. My photography portfolio is shown on its own website, click here to visit!

I have also recently, with my husband (who himself is a keen climber, hillwalker and highly skilled Ninja Warrior athlete), spent some time researching then developing our first tropical planted freshwater aquarium. We opted for a month of fishless cycling before adding 6 Peppered Corydoras and 4 Amano Shrimp into our 90 litre tank. No names for them, except the Shrimp who are all called Dave. We have had to concede however that our largest Shrimp is in fact Davina, as she is almost always berried (the eggs won’t hatch; they must be moved to saltwater to hatch before moving back into freshwater as young Shrimplettes). We are hoping to add a Betta – more commonly known as a Siamese Fighting Fish – into the aquarium when we have grown some more surface-level planting and woodscapes.

You’ll be able to read much more about all of our adventures in my blog, everything that is relevant to my life as an author and practicing “yogi”. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch whether you have questions, thoughts, collaborative ideas, or even if you’re an old face wanting to say hi!