WilburDeStefYoga – Yoga with Wilbur the Guinea Pig

Due to the social popularity of Wilbur and his antics whilst I’m on my yoga mat, I’ve decided to dedicate a page to flows that include Wilbur. I hope you enjoy his free-ranging habits as amusing as we do!


Yoga Free-Flow at Home with Wilbur the Guinea Pig

A free-flow at home with Wilbur. May include singalongs with Ed Sheeran and random talkings and stops for Wilbur the guinea pig.

Filmed at home in June 2018.

Yoga with Wilbur – Free Flow Hyperlapse

Yoga flow, guest starring Wilbur the guinea pig! This video shows 10 minutes of the start of a 60 minute flow,, mainly made up of folds and twists, run at 10.5x speed.

Filmed at home in May 2018.